The Fast Track Method For Raising Venture Capital In Australia

After years of being involved in all areas of capital raising, and helping hundreds of businesses through the capital raising process, we’ve developed a cutting edge system and set of resources for going from ‘just another business looking for money’ to ‘an irresistible proposition for investors’.

Our systems and resources are designed to show you how to find investors and how to ensure you are investor ready. We help you raise capital the right way.

Why listen to us?

If you’re looking to raise capital in Australia we’re here to help you through the often challenging process. As a boutique venture capital firm we role our sleeves up and really get to know you and your business… working with you to get maximum investment in the quickest possible time. On top of helping hundreds of SME’s, the team at Scotia Macleod has been involved with leading blue chips like Greenwich NatWest, Swiss Bank Corporation, Dresdner Kleinwort, GE Capital, Deloittes, SABMiller, Coca Cola Amatil… just to name a few. We are also specialists in helping our diverse range of clients prepare for and attract clean tech investor funding.

What to do now?

On this website, you’re going to find a bunch of free tools and resources you can start using immediately. From preparing your pitch presentation, and getting definitive feedback on your business proposition to how to improve your exit valuation and how to find investors.

However, your first step should be to watch my free keynote presentation, “How to Raise $200,000 to $5 Million (Or More) In Venture Capital For Your Business, While Avoiding Common Capital Raising Mistakes". After that, have a look around the website and see what we’re about. Or if you’re serious about raising capital for your business, pick up the phone and call us in Sydney Australia (02) 8003 3004 for a quick chat.

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